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Our Muay Thai program can help you reach your goals no matter what level of experience you have. Accompanied with a modern guesthouse walking distance to beach you will have the full live-in experience while visiting Thailand.


We train Muay Thai twice a day we also offer private class outside of scheduled classes. At our camp we are also fully equiped  for modern strength and conditioning training that you have access to at no additional cost while staying on campus.



Our guesthouse at campus is within walking distance to beach at Suan Son Beach Rayong 15 min from the Island of Koh Samed 55 min from Pattaya and about 2.3 HR from Bangkok Airport



Rayong area is best known for the Island of Koh Samed, we are on the mainland overlloking the coast of Koh Samed this is a very genuine and fairly unexploited part of Thailand, with tons of things to see and discover, temples, waterfalls, markets, and so much more and ofcourse tons of resturants and beaches in the whole area.


>At our Muay Thai camp all trainers are highly respected ex-stadium fighters and champions with vast experience. The gym has a strong reputation for quality training at an international and national level from beginners to world class Muay Thai and MMA fighters. We Dont have just have ;great pad men we have real trainers and instructors.>It all begins with you if you want to experience the highest quality Muay Thai Training , while taking advantage of the beautiful area of Rayong and Koh Samed, all while living comfortable in our top modern guest house. Program Benefits include:>-Learn excellent self-defense skills. Get in fantastic cardio shape-Become more flexibel , coordinated and disciplined-Become leaner and gain more muscle mass-Gain more self-confidence. Reduce stress<>-Burn calories in a fun way , while you train>You will feel much better about your new leaner, tougher and more in shape self. Have fun in a friendly safe clean environment with great people.

>In a regular class you will experience. One on one pad training with our instructors. Warm up, bag training, stretching, technique training, punch & kick combinations And much more!!!!

-You dont have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great......

Real People - Real Results - Real Muay Thai

Monday to Saturday>We offer two sessions a day, the morning class from 8-10

>And the afternoon / evening class from 16-18

We also offer private training.

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