About Us

Right next to our Muay Thai Gym we have a functional fitness / free weight gym with barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, plyoboxes, functional rig with pullup stations monkey bars, roman rings, suspension training (TRX style) slamballs, wallballs, medecin balls, cardio machines, battle ropes, and some regular plate loaded machines also. The MMA Area concist of paded cage walls, and large matted area for thoses interested in grappling and or doing mma, we also have grappling dummies for throwing / ground and pound training, you will pretty much find everything here for your modern warrior / fitness / WOD functional strength and conditioning training.

For your convinience we have a shop on campus, why bring you old gear while traveling when you can pick up new gear in Thailand? Here you will find almost everything, shirts, tanktops, gloves, handwraps, mouthguards, headguards, shinguards, electrolytes, thaiboxing oil, and of course lots of Muay Thai shorts.

At Suan Son Beach we provide training programs for beginners and seasoned professionals. Train with elite trainers at the our well equipped Muaythai training facility. Our Muaythai program can help you reach your goals no matter what level of experience you have. No matter what your goal is we can help you, just getting in shape, learning the art, or preparing for your next bout we can help.

>Suan Son Beach Muay Thai training camp in Thailand provides a complete live-in training experience for Muaythai enthusiasts from all over the world. Come and enhance your skills or improve your fitness level at the new and popular Muaythai training centre in Rayong near the Island of Koh Samed. We also have a fitness gym and all the equipment for functional fitness & strength & conditioning.

>No experience is needed, all ages are welcome, men, women and children.Everyone is welcome to our Muay Thai school to learn about this ancient martial art.Muay Thai (in Thai language) , also known as Thai Boxing, is a combat sport and complete martial art, the origins are from Mae Mai Muay Thai and Muay Boran, the antique technique and Thai Cultural Heritage where Muay Thai comes from.Muay Thai is known as “the science of eight limbs” because its possible to use kicks, fists, knees and elbows.>Muay Thai - Thaiboxing is Thailands national sport and is now a global sport with world championships and accepted worldwide as one of the most effective martial arts. You are never to old or young to enroll in our program. Many families take the class together since we adapt to your individual skill level when we do one on one training in the ring.